What we do

We provide a fully serviced accounting and business advice for new media entrepreneurs, social influencers and rising stars, giving them time to do what they do best. Whether you need to file your tax return, or want smart business and investment advice, we’re here to help.

Company accounts

We help you get a complete understanding of your financial position. With filing deadlines and penalties, it is vital that your accounts are dealt with efficiently and you know the amount of tax you need to pay well in advance. Our flexible service responds to your changing needs as you and your business grow.


Bookkeeping can cost you time and money. We remove the stress for new media entrepreneurs by providing a fast, cost-effective and reliable service that is tailored to suit your needs. Staying on top of your bookkeeping will help maintain a healthy cash flow for your business and allow you to spot trends in your finances early on. This kind of information is invaluable to help keep your business healthy and profitable.

Tax advice

If your earnings have started to increase, you may realise that you need to be paying some tax. We will help you figure out the balance between the needs of your growing business and your own personal finances, in the most tax efficient way possible. Our aim is to help you perform better as a business and ultimately become more profitable, and our tax expertise will help you get there.

Financial advice, savings and investments

Through our sister company, Carpenter Box Financial Advisers, we can provide financial advice that joins up with your tax advice. Our holistic approach will help you maximise wealth, grow investments and minimise tax. Whether it’s investing in a property or starting to put some savings aside, we can help you enjoy your earnings both now and in the future.