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Influencer, YouTuber, musician, entrepreneur and professional boxer.

JJ’s (KSI) international tax affairs came with a whole host of potential tax liabilities.

KSI’s boxing match against American YouTuber Logan Paul took place in Los Angeles, USA in August 2018. There are many issues to consider when a sporting event takes place in a different country. In KSI’s case, his fight was subject to USA taxation as well as tax in the UK.

We identified where the tax exposure would arise and put in place a structure that protected the income and generate tax savings. The structure we set up allowed KSI to claim specific exemptions under the US-UK tax treaty, so he could maximise the earnings from his match.

Big thanks to the team at Starbox for all the tax work they undertook ahead of my boxing match in the US. They even handled all of the paperwork, so I didn’t have to worry about a thing!


F2 Freestylers


Freestyle footballer sensations, performing breathtaking tricks and skills.

The F2 had many businesses and ventures independent from one another. With significant growth expected, their businesses needed an overhaul to work better for them.

StarBox reviewed the various businesses and their ownership. We put in place a structure that not only generated tax savings but also met the commercial needs of the various F2 businesses.

The structure consolidated and rationalised all their business interests. The expected future growth and development of their joint companies is now better facilitated. This strengthens the position of the F2 brand, allows the companies to work collectively and eases the administrative burden for Billy and Jeremy.

StarBox were brilliant in helping us to sort out all our businesses into a structure which is much better suited for the future of the F2.




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