The Sidemen Charity Football Match 2023

Over a month has passed since the remarkable charity football event hosted by our esteemed clients, the Sidemen, and we remain astounded by their efforts.

Every year the Sidemen band together to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. A British-based charity helping young people deal with cancer. So far the event has raised millions and inspired many more, however this year it was taken to new heights. Taking place at West Hams’ new and iconic London stadium, on one of the hottest days of the year, thousands gathered to see their favourite on-screen personalities ‘IRL.


The kick-off for the Sidemen charity football match commenced at 3:30 PM, with Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne, KSI, and the entire Sidemen squad taking the lead. They faced off against the Youtube Allstars, a dynamic ensemble of social media’s brightest stars, comprising both familiar faces and newcomers from around the world.

This year’s lineup featured fresh talents, such as XQc, JiDion, Danny Aarons, Max Fosh, Karl, Theo Barker, Yung Filly, AboFlah, Jacksepticeye, Duke Dennis, Kon, and Kai Cenat, who travelled from various corners of the globe to support the Sidemen’s fundraising mission. The Youtube Allstars also welcomed back returning players Deji, Chunkz, and Chris MD. The collective presence of these influential individuals, all uniting for a worthy cause, served as a remarkable source of inspiration.

Through the funds raised during this event, the Teenage Cancer Trust will be able to extend its vital support to hundreds more young people, assisting them in their challenging journeys through cancer.


The event achieved resounding success, drawing an immense crowd in true influencer fashion. A record-breaking attendance of 62,000 fans packed the stadium, infusing the atmosphere with electrifying chants, thunderous applause, and epic Mexican waves. Those who couldn’t be present didn’t miss out either; an astonishing 2.7 million simultaneous viewers tuned in to the Twitch livestream, amassing an astounding 17 million views within just 24 hours.

This event quickly became a trending sensation across multiple platforms and even attracted A-list celebrities like James Cordon. In contrast to the £100,000 raised in 2016, this year’s staggering £2.4 million fundraising achievement serves as a testament to the remarkable growth of the event. The halftime show featured a performance by chart-topping rapper Aitch, and the Sidemen FC secured a memorable victory with an 8-5 score line, proudly taking home the trophy.

Final thoughts

The atmosphere at the Sidemen charity football game was nothing short of incredible. Witnessing the Sidemen channel their influence to shine a light on a noble cause was truly inspiring. According to Cancer Research UK, approximately 2,400 young individuals are affected by cancer each year. The lads showcased remarkable football skills, and from the spectator’s perspective, it felt like watching old schoolmates having a delightful kick-around.

From XQc’s gravity-defying goalkeeping manoeuvres to Max Fosh’s unexpected “uno reverse card” moment, the event created a strong sense of community and underscored the significance of teamwork and collaboration.

This charity football match injected a breath of fresh air into the social media landscape. In the world of influencer finance and online content creation, StarBox stands out. Discover how StarBox can propel your social media career to new heights by reaching out to us today.